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Who is this for?

If you’ve been tirelessly searching for a way to align with your body’s natural rhythm, especially through the unpredictable waves of perimenopause and beyond, this is for you.

You might be wondering:

How can I integrate Ayurveda into my busy life?

Which specific practices will address my unique hormonal needs?

How can I discern the right foods that will nourish and balance my hormones?

What’s the most effective way to track and celebrate my progress?

How do I stay motivated on my path to wellness?

You’re ready to end the struggle…

No more fighting against your body’s natural changes.

❌ No more fleeting fixes for energy, hot flashes, mood swings, and sleep issues.

❌ No more confusion from body changes and symptoms that are too often dismissed.

❌ No more one-size-fits-all solutions that don’t honor your journey through aging.

You’re seeking a new chapter…

A holistic, lasting approach to hormone health that fits into your life. One that brings back your energy, stabilizes your mood, and syncs with your body’s needs without promising overnight miracles.

The Holistic Hormone Accelerate Program is designed to guide you into this new chapter with confidence. It’s time to step forward with a program that supports your body, celebrates your progress, and helps you maintain balance every day.

Here’s a bold question for you

What if you could break free from the relentless cycle of symptoms, not with temporary band-aids, but with natural, deep-rooted healing? How would it feel to wake up feeling truly vibrant, confident, and in love with your body again?

Sounds like a dream?

Stay with me and I’ll reveal exactly how!


The Holistic Hormone Membership

Navigate This Significant Life Shift With Personalized NATURE ALIGNED Program — Designed For Women Like You

A ready-to-go solution for embracing a vibrant, healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle, specially designed to help you regain your hormonal balance and create a long-lasting plan for hormone health and stepping into the divine woman you are. No more quick fixes, feeling stuck in a cycle of unhealthy patterns, overwhelm, and lack of support!

It Takes 6 Holistic Steps

STEP 1 - Pre-Menopause Preparation & Awareness

Unlock the secrets of your body’s signals with ‘Get Hormone-Smart’. Dive into understanding the whispers of hormonal shifts years before they become shouts, embrace Ayurvedic wisdom tailored for women’s wellness, and cultivate emotional intelligence that aligns with your natural rhythm. Prepare proactively for pre-menopause, and empower yourself with the knowledge that paves the way for a harmonious stage of life transition and beyond.

STEP 2 - Nutrition & Diet

Transform your plate into a palette of hormonal balance with ‘Eat Right, Feel Amazing’. Learn which foods nourish your endocrine system, and the optimal timing for meals that sync with your body’s clock. Delve into the art of Ayurvedic nutrition for hormonal balance. Our membership includes education featuring foods, herbal supplements, and natural remedies tailored to your dosha, designed to enhance your hormone health.

STEP 3 - Digestion & Detox

Unlock the secrets of Ayurvedic digestive practices and detoxification and rejuvenation that align with your body’s needs. We focus on nurturing gut health to support hormonal changes, emphasizing the importance of Agni (digestive fire), and sharing  techniques that detoxify and rejuvenate.

STEP 4 - Mind & Body Practices

Forge resilience and tranquility. Master stress management techniques that soothe you, engage in physical activities that tone both your muscles and your endocrine system, and curate sleep rituals that invite restorative rest. Embrace mindfulness and meditation as cornerstones for a serene mind and a robust body.

STEP 5 - Radiance & Vitality

Step into a world where age is just a number. Craft beauty rituals that reflect your inner luminosity, ignite your passion with natural energy-boosting secrets. Navigate the changes in your skin, hair and energy with grace, and celebrate your body’s journey.

STEP 6 -Divine Womanhood

Lead & Inspire:  Community & Legacy. Cultivate emotional intelligence that forges deep connections, builds resilience that weathers life’s changes, and engages with a community that thrives on collective vitality. Step into your role as a wise woman who leads by example, inspires through action, and leaves a legacy that echoes through generations.

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 access to:

The Holistic Hormone Lessons - $1197

A comprehensive 24/7 on-demand library with bite-sized lessons that empower you with the knowledge to align your lifestyle with your body’s natural hormonal rhythms, all grounded in Ayurvedic principles.

Ayurveda Awakenings Vault- $797

Gain lifetime access to our exclusive Vault, offering in-depth recorded training sessions and implementation that delve into practical strategies, designed to awaken your body’s innate healing potential and restore hormonal balance.

Ayurveda in Action Momentum Calls- $297

An exclusive monthly group coaching and implementation call that transforms knowledge into action. Sessions are meticulously planned to provide you with actionable strategies and personalized guidance.

Body-Mind Type Worksheet - $27

Gain insights into your body’s natural tendencies designed to help you understand your Ayurvedic constitution and its role in your health, serving as a stepping stone to more personalized health strategies.

Dosha Imbalance Self-Assessment Checklist - $27

Recognize patterns that indicate imbalances, setting the stage for deeper intuition making this a starting point to help you tune into your body’s signals.

Plug & Play Members Portal - $97

Your gateway to a curated selection of hormone health resources, Ayurvedic wisdom, and community support, all designed to integrate effortlessly into your daily life.

Hormone Balancing Grocery List - $27

Make each meal a step towards balance meticulously crafted to align with Ayurvedic nutritional practices that support your endocrine system.

The SACRED Self-Care Journal - $27

Enrich your daily routine  to intentional living and hormonal balance, infused with self-reflection practices.

The Ayurvedic Kitchen Planner - $47

The planner offers a clear path to not only making cooking and meal planning simpler but also finding enjoyment and nourishment in the process—a journey from kitchen apprehension to appreciation.

The Hormonal Harmony Health Tracker - $37

A focused tool designed to record and reflect your hormone health milestones every 90 days and Ayurvedic lifestyle adjustments.

The 3 Season Self-Care Guide - $37

Enhance your health year-round with The 3 Season Self-Care Guide, which distills the essence of Ayurvedic seasonal practices into actionable steps, helping you to harmonize with the natural world for sustained hormonal wellness.

The Hormonal Harmony Herbal Remedies Guide - $37

Begin your exploration of Ayurvedic herbs with, a resource that offers foundational insights into herbal supports for hormonal balance.


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When they learn to balance their hormones naturally, they find a sense of well-being they never thought they could have. If you’re looking for that kind of change, you’re in the right place!

In my late 30s, I started experiencing hormonal imbalances such as insomnia, major anxiety, hair loss, digestive issues, fatigue, and exhaustion.

I tried all the usual advice and made lifestyle changes that seemed to help…for a bit. But it didn’t take long before those persistent symptoms came creeping back, leaving me feeling hopeless!  🙅‍♀️

Then, Ayurveda walked into my life. It wasn’t just a quick fix—it was a profound transformation. Within weeks, my energy started to bounce back, and those overwhelming symptoms began to fade. It wasn’t long before Ayurveda didn’t just improve my life—it became my life’s work.

Now, I’m healthy, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually too. And it’s all thanks to the timeless practices that have been nurturing women’s health for centuries. 

The Holistic Hormone Accelerate Program is my way of paying it forward. It’s not just a membership; it’s a movement. A movement to empower women to reclaim their health, harness their body’s natural wisdom, and step into a life of vitality—just as nature intended.

Thank you so much for all your support and guidance. This wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t found you Xxxx.


I’m super happy with her fantastic course. Also, her services were excellent. Always answered my questions and explained to me why I needed these changes. Understanding  my body made the journey easy and enjoyable. Thanks for such a tremendous and life changing transformation.


Everything makes complete sense. You were right it blew my mind I feel like I’ve come home !!!


Can this really work? You bet!

How Your Journey Will Transform You

Self-Discovery and Natural Care

You’ll cultivate deep self-awareness, uncovering your body’s unique needs, which may lead to natural, cost-effective remedies for your discomforts, potentially minimizing or even eliminating the need for certain medications.

Elevated Well-being

You’ll feel a profound shift in your daily well-being. Your energy levels and mental clarity will soar, while pain and discomfort diminish, making room for a resilient calm and a serene state of mind.

Visible Vitality

You’ll likely notice a remarkable improvement in your physical appearance. Ayurvedic practices can enhance skin, strengthen hair and nails, and contribute to a healthy appearance, reflecting your inner health outwardly.

Enhanced Daily Living

With a harmonious balance of body and mind, you’ll find yourself performing better in all aspects of life, from career to family, all while radiating youthful energy.

Holistic Healing Knowledge

Armed with holistic wisdom and practical tools, you’ll be prepared to address health challenges at their root, not just easing symptoms but fostering true, lasting wellness.

Purposeful Existence

Embrace a life of purpose, joy, and deep connection. As you align with Ayurvedic principles, you’ll forge a path that leads to a fulfilling and passionate existence, deeply connected to your community and the world around you.

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Just as the seasons change, so do our bodies. This planner recognizes this inherent ebb and flow and provides you with the tools to adapt and thrive in every phase of your life.

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Harmony21: The Ultimate Ayurvedic Seasonal Hormone Cleanse

Reset your hormones 2x per year!  21 days to feel your best! Spring and Fall cleanses that will leave you feeling energized and revitalized.

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Sisterhood Support Squad and Coaching

The power of sisterhood support with a community of like-minded women to share experiences, offer support, and empower each other during perimenopause and hormonal imbalances SO WE feel less alone in our journey.

24h weekdays group support

Support from the loveliest people you'll ever meet online

What they say


The Holistic Hormone Collective

Lead a vibrant, healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle to help regain hormonal balance so that you can take charge of your health and well-being. No more quick fixes, feeling stuck in a cycle of unhealthy patterns, overwhelm, and lack of support!

Navigate This Significant Life Shift With Our Personalized Program — Designed For Women Like You

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What is The Holistic Hormone Collective and how can it benefit me?

A: Yes, this can work for you. The Holistic Hormone Collective is a membership community that helps women balance their hormones naturally and sustainably. It’s an innovative program with a perfect blend of ancient Ayurveda and modern science.

Q: How much time and effort will I need to invest?

A: Our program is designed to fit into your existing habits and routines, so you can see results in as short as 3 weeks without overhauling your entire lifestyle.

Q: What if I don’t have a lot of time or energy to devote to my health right now?

A: Our program is designed to be accessible and flexible, even for busy women.

Q: What if I’ve tried natural remedies before and they haven’t worked for me?

A: We take a personalized approach to your health, helping you find the remedies and practices that work best for your body.

Q: When will I get access?

A: You will receive an email with all the details immediately after your purchase and will get access to our inner circle group within 24 hours.

Q: What if I’m not familiar with Ayurveda or holistic health practices?

A: Don’t worry – No prior experience with Ayurveda or holistic health practices is required. We will walk you through everything you need to know.

Q: What if I don’t have have hormonal imbalances and I just want to learn more about Ayurvedic practices, can I join?

A: Of course! We live in a time that we are imbalanced in some way, this course will help bring you back to nature and balance.

Q: What kind of support and resources can I expect from The Holistic Hormone Collective?

A: There are sisterhood support squad for 24h weekdays support included which means that you will get all your questions answered within our members-only support group within 1 day.

Q: How can I connect with other members of The Holistic Hormone Collective?

A: Our private online community provides a supportive, non-judgmental space where you can connect with other like-minded women.



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Medical Disclaimer: Participation in The Holistic Hormone Program is voluntary and at your own risk. The program offers holistic advice based on Ayurvedic principles and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Results can vary. By engaging in this program, you agree that Ayurvedic hormone Healing, sonia auld  and its affiliates are not liable for any direct, indirect, or incidental consequences related to program activities. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new health-related activities.